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Ink life baby. What makes you want some ink?

For me its everything about it: the sound, smell, and life style.
My job is my passion...
Please come and see me, I would love to create a masterpiece on you

Ink Lyfe straight savage come and get inked

Foremost Tattoo Shop in Tacoma

If there's one thing in life you want to be done well, it's a tattoo. At -Stripped-!nk-Tattoo-$tudios-, you know our artists will tend to your ink as if it were our own. We provide henna body art, piercings, and tattoos. I'm licensed and blood-borne pathogens as well. We'll help you through every step of the...

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How Henna Tattooing Works

When you hire us to give you a henna tattoo, the first thing we will do is to check if you have any skin allergies or diseases that may cause a reaction. Second, we walk you through the full range of our henna designs, colors, and pastes. We also ask you whether you have any preferred design in your mind. Once we’ve...
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Quality Body Modification Services

For most people, a tattoo or piercing is going to be something you keep forever. That’s why we can’t imagine giving our clients anything less than the highest quality work. If you choose us for your piercing or tattoo, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great piece of body modification from an expert tattoo...
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